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manual DC anjustment at the back of PSU.

Alpha Miner can build server power supplies for cryptomining rigs requiring manual adjustment of output power for performance optimization, Ebit and BitFury in particular. These PSU's only come in 2U size and are capable of output VDC between 12 and 14.5 V. Just like our other server power supplies they feature:

  • Always run on 180 - 300 VAC power input, enabling them to be used in North American data centers running 277 VAC.

  • Always have every possible protection for your server: UVP, OVP, OCP, OTP, SCP, OPP. 

  • Are Build under Western standard Quality Assurance

  • Are subject to vigorous testing including testing with real ASIC miners

  • Are customizable to fit customer requirements. Whether you need a L7-15P power connector, 20 x PCI-e connectors,  direct hardwiring into the PCB board or anything else, we can do it.

  • Come in a variety of wattages: 1600W, 1800W, 2000W, 2200W, 2400W, 2600W, 3000W

  • Feature power efficiency of up to 94%

  • Carry a one year warranty


Please inquire at or fill out contact form on the bottom of this page. We are looking not just for sales, but for long term partnerships with professional data centers and their customers. 

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