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Immersion Mining PSU's


Alpha Miner is the only manufacturer of the specialty immersion PSU's on the market. We build both regular and smart PSU's modified to fit the immersion Bitcoin mining needs. Our PSU's provide customers with flexibility to either immerse them together with miners or to use the same PSU out of the tank*.  

We started developing PSU's for Canaan Avalon 10XX  and 11XX series immersion boards, and our current Immersion Smart PSU platform is capable of running Antminer S17/T17 series up to 4000W. We are developing even more powerful PSU for the Antminer S19 / T19 series miners, hoping to allow achieving of over 200 TH/s on 200 - 300 VAC. Not only that, but we can build specialty immersion PSU's for most previous generation miners.

Among many special features* are:


  • A separate fan switch

  • LED showing the PSU status

  • Air blown away from the tank

  • Extended wire length options

Please, contact us at or fill out the form below with information about your project, details of what you need, when, where, and we will work with you to bring make your plans a reality in the most time and money efficient way.

*Availability of features varies


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