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China Manufacturing Consulting and Control

Alpha Miner provides startups and other interested parties with everything needed to efficiently and cost effectively manufacture or source the right product in China. Combined we have close to 30 years of experience working with Chinese manufacturers in many different industries: electronics, mobile, computer parts, servers, toys, clothing and shoes, accessories, etc.


You know what you need, but have no expertise in designing hardware products or you know that you simply need to use an already existing product. Or you may already have developed product design and specifications yourself. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Together with you we define what your product has to be, projected volumes, target pricing, and timing, so we have full information to work with. 

  • We are looking for an existing ODM product already manufactured in China or find a manufacturer able and willing to design a product you need at a right cost. Or we source an OEM manufacturer who can build you your product the way you designed it.

  • We evaluate, audit and inspect manufacturers to make sure you get the best one. Last thing you and us need is to deal with incompetent and dishonest partner.

  • We work with you and the manufacturer(s) to put together customization/localization requirements as needed. We supervise change implementation: components, testing, branding, packaging... Everything from A to Z.

  • We negotiate the cost of the product and its customization, MOQ required, volume price breaks, etc.

  • We get you the first samples and, if needed, organize testing of your software compatibility with the proposed hardware. You and the manufacturer will do the testing and implement changes until you are happy.

  • We certify your product as needed.

  • We manage the production process, take care of the problems that arise, do qualified AQL standard inspections and QA during the production, provide you reports.

  • We take care of logistics as necessary.
  • We place repeat orders as needed and renegotiate pricing if volumes exceed agreed upon earlier or if market conditions change.
  • If needed we help setting up global fulfillment from Hong Kong. 
  • We can help with setting up a Hong Kong company for international trade and opening a local bank account. 

Our fee structure consists of three components:

  1. A small percentage of the cost of your product. 

  2. A small monthly fixed  fee covering our expenses - travel, footwork, time. This fee will be waived as soon as the cost of production percentage fees become larger than it.

  3. A bonus percentage of savings we've negotiated. I.e. if your product price was agreed upon by all parties to be at $100 and we managed after a while to negotiate additional savings beyond the pre-negotiated volume based price reductions, we would get a slice of these savings. 

Interested? Want to learn more? Get in touch with us for a free consultation by sending us inquiry at or by filling out the form below:

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