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Alpha Miner PSU-1600 is a professional industrial 2U server mining power supply. It is currently available in retail on, In the US it is available wholesale through Ingram Micro and Staples Business Advantage.


The price shown is a list wholesale price of MOQ of 1008 pcs before delivery and customs charges. DO NOT ORDER RETAIL on our site, the order will not be fullfiled and refund will be issued. If you want to order retail, please follow the links above. Actual wholesale pricing depends on volume and shipping via Ocean or Air Freight, or FedEx/UPS from Shenzhen, China is not included. MOQ is 80 PCS although smaller initial orders are possible. MOQ is 80 PCS although smaller initial orders are possible. Please, contact us for details.


Alpha Miner PSU-1600 is an industrial PSU leading its class in quality, efficiency and value. It is better in quality, more efficient, and safer for equipment than any other branded power supply on the market, and on top of it it is cheaper. Safest for equipment, safest for your facility, safest for your business. It features:


  • 1600W
  • 180-277V*. DOES NOT WORK ON 110V!
  • UL Registered* - quality of design, components, and production processed was inspected and approved for safe use in commercial facilities in the US and Canada by Un