Antminer S19 / T19
Firmware Installation Manual

1. Before you install:

- Make sure your micro-SD card is 16GB maximum
- For the J family (S19j, S19j Pro) - only Beagle Bone (SD card slot on the board itself)  and Xilinx (SD card slot on the front panel) control boards are supported at the moment, NOT the AM Logic ones. If you do have a miner with AML board, you may need to replace it
- S19i is not yet supported as of July 20, 2022

- Choose the region and download the FW here

- Download and install the BalenaEtcher software to flash OS image to SD card

2. Prepare your SD-card:

- Open and unzip the downloaded folder

- Find the files corresponding to your hardware (both model and control board type must match)
- With BalenaEtcher, select the card (Select Target command) and  the image to record (Flash from file command)

- Start recording (Flash command)

3. Install the Firmware

- Unplug the miner
- Insert the SD-card into control board*
- Power the miner up and wait for it to boot. 

- Click Unblock and enter the password (admin) 

* IMPORTANT! SD card must always be installed unless you want it to go back to the original FW. If you do, shut it off, remove the SD card and turn it back on.

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