Established in 2017, Alpha Miner® is a team of seasoned professionals, who have been involved in electronics manufacturing, distribution, sales, service, Blockchain, mining, rendering for many years. We aim to establish stable long term relationships with our customers, retail and wholesale alike.


Today Alpha Miner® manufactures rackmount server cases, best professional mining Power Supply Units (PSU's), a variety of cables, wires, adapters, and wire harnesses for cryptomining and other applications. 

Some of our customers:

We are dedicated to manufacturing and selling high quality and productivity professional grade equipment for Blockchain, GPU Computing of any kind, Immersion Data Mining, etc.. We see these new technologies becoming mainstream and we develop our equipment to be the power behind them. 


More products are in our pipeline...

Our principals:

Michael Savuskan

CEO Alpha Miner, LLC


Dmitry Strelenko

CEO Alpha Miner, Ltd.


2017 - 2020 by Alpha Miner, LLC

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