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Alpha Miner Bitmain Antminer S19 PSU APW12

Alpha Miner PSUs for Bitmain Antminer
S17 / T17, S19 / T19, S21 / T21, L7

Alpha Miner developed products to replace original Bitmain Antminer S9, S17 / T17, L7, S19 / T19, and now S21 / T21 series miner series PSUs. We offer aftermarket alternatives to Bitmain APW9, APW11, APW12, and APW17 power supplies in Air and Immersion (removed fans, better flow casing, silicon protected wires, cables, capacitors, etc.) versions. Our PSUs are compatible* with the original Bitmain FW, Vnish, Luxor, Braiins, MSK, HiveOS, Rosseau... overclock firmwares to help our customers get the fastest ROI possible. Using our product on North American 480 VAC (277V single phaze) reduces deployment time, cuts cost and wait time on step-down transformers.

Our XKBM19 series is universal** and replaces every version of Antminer S19 original APW121215 and with Antminer S21 APW171215a power supplies. It also provides a single phase power to replace the three phase APW111216-1 PSU used on Antminer T21.

With any Antminer PSU we produce, you can use our custom Alpha Miner/Vnish FW, specially optimized for use with our power supplies to deliver the most stable, efficient, productive, and profitable mining.

Currently, XKBM19 series family includes:

Air                                                                  Immersion (more information here)

Alpha Miner PSU-4KBM19 - 4200W                  Alpha Miner PSU-6KBM19 - 6200W 

Alpha Miner PSU-5KBM19 - 5600W                  Alpha Miner PSU-7KBM19 - 4200W 

                                                                       Alpha Miner PSU-9KBM19 - 9500W 

* Compatibility may vary and change.

** 9500W 9KBM19 is not universal and requires FW for the specific APW121215 version. Please, have it ready when ordering.

Please, contact us at for more information.

Alpha Miner PSU-4KBM19 / 4KBM19a Specifications   

Alpha Miner PSU-4KBM19 vs. Bitmain APW12 Specifications Comparison Table

Alpha Miner PSU-5KBM19 / 5KBM19a Specifications   

Alpha Miner PSU-6KBM19 / 6KBM19a Specifications   

Alpha Miner PSU-7KBM19 / 7KBM19a Specifications   

Alpha Miner PSU-9KBM19 / 9KBM19a Specifications    

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