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Alpha Miner Immersion Cooling Power Supplies 
for Bitmain Antminer S19 and L7

Alpha Miner is the pioneer in immersion mining PSU developement, we were the first company in the world to release one back in 2019. Our current PSU model family was designed with immersion cooling mining in mind from clean sheet. We've collected feedback from some of the largest industrial miners, coolant manufacturers, immersion system designers, and created a PSU for  a specific application. Not only that, but we have teamed up with Vnish, the best team of miner FW developers in the world, to create a trully unique match between a purposefully designed hardware and software, allowing to reach the highest productivity and the best energy efficiency on the market*. 

Alpha Miner immersion-specific PSU-6KBM19, PSU-7KBM19, and PSU-9KBM19 feature:

  • The first power supplies in the world designed specifically for immersion mining

  • 6200W, 7200W, or 9500W peak output power accordingly

  • 200 - 300 VAC input

  • A special case, designed to improve fluid flow and cooling of the PSU in a tank

  • Alpha Miner-designed special-order power cable, taking power connectors out of the tank

  • Special rubber insulated power cable, not hardening, cracking, shedding in immersion

  • Silicon insulation of internal wires

  • Silicon-like protection of the motherboard and sensitive components from dielectric fluids

  • Optional custom version of Alpha Miner / Vnish FW, customized for the best possible match with the PSU hardware and miner chipset capabilities

  • Compatibility with all kinds of miner FW - original Bitmain, Vnish,, Braiins, MSK, Hive On, Luxor (others FW are testing, please inquire)

  • Power output from the front or the back of the PSU as per customer customization requirements

  • Power cable soldered to the motherboard

  • Optional connection directly to PDU or any kind of power outlets, including 277 VAC

  • Removed fans (come in the box in case you need to test the PSU on air)

  • LED light, indicating PSU status

  • Flashible FW

  • Six months warranty

  • Free customization available with orders over 100 units

  • Optional free product liability insurance up to $2M (US only)

  • Models to replace both APW121215 and APW121417 PSUs

IMPORTANT!  At this point, all APW121215 types A, B, C, D, E, F, G and APW121417 type A are compatible. We are working on compatibility for APW121417 type B. We offer a universal APW121215 replacement - the first switchable PSU with all seven types combined into one.

IMPORTANT!  Power supplies feature a special overrun protection, limited by 1000 uses. Please, don't keep trying to run them at the peak power or above for any continuous length of time - once the protection has reached its limit, the PSU will not be able to stand the abuse and this kind of deliberate damage will not be covered by the warranty. Please, run it safely and stably at a proper operational power (see the specs below).

*Productivity and efficiency may vary depending on a miner model, quality of miner chipsets, ambiant and fluid temperatures, cooling system and setup, operator knowledge, fluid used, etc.

Please, contact us at for more information.

Alpha Miner PSU-6KBM19 / 6KBM19a specifications:    

Alpha Miner PSU-7KBM19 / 7KBM19a specifications:

Alpha Miner PSU-9KBM19 / 9KBM19a specifications:

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