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Alpha Miner PSU Installation

Troubleshooting Alpha Miner
PSU for S19

So you got an Alpha Miner Power Supply for your S19, but something does not work. We are sorry to hear that and would love to help you ASAP to make sure your new toys are printing you money. To do that, we need some basic information from you to diagnose what is going on with the power supply. In case of any trouble, please, provide us with the following information at your earliest convenience:


  • A picture of the miner front, so the label is clearly visible – we need to see your miner model and the control board

  • A picture from the top will help us to confirm the control board type

  • Please, confirm the original PSU model (i.e. APW121215) and type (i.e. b) with a picture of its label

  • Please, go to Logs, pull a Diagnostic Report and send it to us with all information above.

  • If you use Alpha Miner / Vnish FW, please make sure you are using v1.1.12 or newer, it is critical. You can download ir here.

  • Confirm you chose the proper FW version (i.e. there are three types of FW for Beagle Boy control board: one for S19j, another for S19j pro, and another, without Beagle Boy name at all, making it easy to make a mistake (no, we are not the ones naming them)

  • Make sure your miner is new as in our experience sometimes in used machines a control board and hash boards may differ, i.e. it can be 88 chips, 114 chips, or 126 chips on each board. If you switched a control board or got your miner used and want to OC, you may have to try different Vnish FW versions until you find the one that works with your miner. Be patient.

IF there is a problem with mining:

  • Check PSU connection to the miner - all screws MUST be very tight

  • Check the quality of connection between PSU and the control board - the data bus must be under the cable, providing power to fans. Double check all the connections if you use miner in immersion – any poor connection may prevent your PSU from properly working

  • Connect both C20 plugs to a PDU, it is a must

  • Try to use another FW, you can directly upload another version (called *update.tar.gz). See if mining works if you roll back to the original FW

IF a miner starts working, but there is only a limited power delivered by the PSU (i.e. a 7200W PSU gives only 5000W):

Check the settings - there is a relationship between optimal voltage, miner chipset frequency, and a hashrate. Vnish FW (Alpha Miner or not) features basic settings for maximum efficiency (auto tune), but if you want to Over Clock (OC), you are going to need to find that sweet spot between output voltage, miner chipset frequency, power consumption, and hashrate that suits you and the particular miner best.



Please, contact us for support:

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