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Currently our PSU's are only available wholesale, please inquire at sales@alphaminer.io or fill out contact form on the bottom of this page.

Alpha Miner makes the best server power supplies in the world. This is a fact confirmed by numbers and real life performance (see below), and yet we are cheaper than Bitmain, for example. We are looking not just for sales, but for long term partnerships with professional data centers and their customers. These are only some of the collocation mining facilities to run our equipment:

Alpha Miner PSU's feature:

  • Able to run any GPU or ASIC server equipment with PCI-E power connectors requiring 12V power input. 

  • 1U and 2U sizes

  • Full range 1600W, 1800W, 2000W, 2200W, 2400W, 2600W, 3000W, 3500W

  • Up to 20 x PCI-E connectors 

  • L7-15P power plugs available for 277V operations

  • Up to 94% efficiency, independently confirmed with 80 Plus Gold* certification. 

  • Independently confirmed quality and conformity: UL (R), CB, FCC, CE, RoHS certifications**.

  • 1.2% failure rate average in real life.

  • All possible protections for equipment: UVP, OVP, OPP, OTP, OCP, SCP. Bitmain APW7 has only four, APW 3++ five.

  • Built to work on 180 - 300 VAC*** electrical grids.

  • On/Off switch. Maintenance teams are very happy.

  • Tens of thousands units supplied to professional mining operations in the US, Canada, Venezuela...

  • One year warranty.

WARNING!!! This is industrial equipment designed to work on 180V-264V and 200V-280V electrical grids. It will not work on 110V. It is also extremely hot and noisy, not for home use.

*** Special order models with 92% efficiency. These PSU's are made of UL confirming components but are not certified. XX07 family PSU's are not certified yet.

Here is a comprehensive professional mining PSU comparison table FYI: http://bit.ly/PSU-comparison-2019

Alpha Miner PSU Manual

Alpha Miner PSU Troubleshooting Guide

Alpha Miner PSU-1000 Full Specifications

Alpha Miner PSU-1600 Full Specifications

Alpha Miner PSU-1800 Full Specifications

Alpha Miner PSU-2000 Full Specifications

Please contact us for pricing and other details by emailing to sales@alphaminer.io or by filling out the form below.

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