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Alpha Miner Firmware Download for Antminers S21, T21, S19, T19, S17, T17, L7

We have partnered with the leading aftermarket overclock FW developer Vnish team to help our customers achieve ROI faster. The custom Alpha Miner versions of Vnish firmware feature exclusive profiles, allowing higher performance limits for the miners using more powerful PSUs. If you'd like to get the most out of your ASIC, we recommend using our FW version*. 

Alpha Miner / Vnish FW v1.2.5 Stable for

        Bitmain Antminer S21/T21, S19/T19 Series* and L7       

Antminer S21, T21, S19, And L7 Firmware Installation

ATTENTION: As of March, 2024 Bitmain closed (for now) the ability to use any king of 3rd party firmware in new stock firmware. If you have a new miner not compatible with Vnish, please roll back to one of the previous versions you can find here:

Install with Vnish/Alpha Miner Toolkit. It makes install easy and allows quick install on multiple machines. 

Before you install, confirm what control board your L7,  S19/T19, S21/T21 miner has. We support AM Logic, BeagleBone, CVITEK, and Xilinx.

1. Download the Toolkit for your OS and open the manual below. In case of difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact our support on Telegram





             Manual                                           Toolkit Download                             Current Change Log

2. Ensure that Visual C++ is installed on your system. If not, install it here.
3. Unpack the archive and run install_all.bat as administrator.
4. Launch Toolkit. Once Toolkit is installed, open it and click on the network symbol in the bottom right corner.

5. Choose the correct FW for your miner below.  

Antminer S19/T19

Antminer S21/T21

Antminer L7

S19 v.1.2.6  Alpha 

Beagle Bone

S19 v.1.2.6 Alpha

AM Logic

S19/T19 v.1.2.6 Alpha 


S19 v.1.2.6 Alpha   


L7 v.1.2.6 Alpha

T21 v.1.2.6 Alpha    CVITEK

S21 v.1.2.6 Alpha 


S21/T21   v.1.2.6 Alpha

AM Logic

Alpha Miner / Vnish FW v3.2.1 for

Bitmain Antminer S17/T17 Series*

Alpha Miner exclusive profiles:        

  Antminer S17                 Antminer S17+               Antminer T17                Antminer T17+
89TH @ 4500W            101TH @ 4500W             66TH @ 3700W           83TH @ 4400W
96TH @ 4900W            110TH @ 4800W             72TH @ 4000W           89TH
@ 4700


This FW can be used on either air or immersed ASICs, however becareful when using on air, watch the chips temperature. You can use the Alpha Miner PSU-4KBM17 in immersion with up to 4900W power.

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