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Alpha Miner Firmware Download
for Antminers S19, L7, S17

We have partnered with the leading aftermarket overclock FW developer Vnish team to help our customers achieve ROI faster. The custom Alpha Miner versions of Vnish firmware feature exclusive profiles, allowing higher performance limits for the miners using more powerful PSUs. If you'd like to get the most out of your ASIC, we recommend using our FW version*. 

Alpha Miner / Vnish FW v1.2 RC5 for

        Bitmain Antminer S19/T19 Series* and L7 Series      

Antminer S19 And L7 Firmware Installation

1. Before you install:

- Make sure your micro-SD card(s) is 16 GB maximum
- Choose the proper files and download the FW below 

- Download and install the BalenaEtcher software to flash OS image to SD card


2. 1. Beagle Boy and Xilinx Control Boards:


Prepare your SD-card:

- Open and unzip the downloaded folder

- Find the files corresponding to your hardware (both model and control board type must match)
- With BalenaEtcher, select the card (Select Target command) and  the image to record (Flash from file command)

- Start recording (Flash command)

3. Install the Firmware

- Unplug the miner
- Insert the SD-card into control board*
- Power the miner up and wait for it to boot. 

- Click Unblock and enter the password (admin) 

- Press Ctrl + F5 to clear cache

* IMPORTANT! SD card must always be installed unless you want it to go back to the original FW. If you do, shut it off, remove the SD card and turn it back on.

2. 2.  AM Logic Control Boards:

- Unpack archive with files
- Format two SD cards in FAT and copy the files from the archive to both cards. 
- Delete file aml_sdc_burn.ini from one of the cards (SD card 2)
- Insert the SD card 1 via USB OTG, restart the miner and wiat for a green LED to light up. 
- Remove the SD card 1 and insert the SD card 2. Restart, wait about 2 minutes. 
- Restart again.

Return to the stock FW in this case is closed and hidden in the interface. To go back to stock please take Bitmain image for AM Logic restoration and flash via USB OTG as usual.

Manual Settings Table

In case you want to fine tune your miner manually, please use the following table for a reference

Alpha Miner / Vnish FW v3.2.1 for

Bitmain Antminer S17/T17 Series*

Alpha Miner exclusive profiles:        

  Antminer S17                 Antminer S17+               Antminer T17                Antminer T17+
89TH @ 4500W            101TH @ 4500W            66TH @ 3700W            83TH @ 4400W
96TH @ 4900W            110TH @ 4800W             72TH @ 4000W           89TH
@ 4700


This FW can be used on either air or immersed ASICs, however becareful when using on air, watch the chips temperature. You can use the Alpha Miner PSU-4KBM17 in immersion with up to 4900W power.

Antminer S19

Antminer L7

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