AM GPC-409 Front
AM GPC-409 Front

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AM GPC-409 Rear
AM GPC-409 Rear

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AM GPC-409 with Cards
AM GPC-409 with Cards

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AM GPC-409 Front
AM GPC-409 Front

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Alpha Miner offers full 4U GPU server chassis, cases and various components for DYI server assembly. Possible uses with compatible software include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Mining, Deep Learning, Video Rendering, Face Recognition, Weather Forecasting, or any other application requiring power of GPU Computing. Just add GPU cards of your choice, install your preferred software and go ahead.  Please contact us for details on exact pricing, MOQ's, ETA's, delivery costs, payment conditions at

Alpha Miner GPC-409 4U Chassis for Up To 9 GPU Cards


  • Motherboard AM-4UZ                                              1

  • CPU Intel Broadwell 3215U/3865U/3855U         1

  • Memory 4GB DDR3 1600                                       1

  • Hard Disk 60 GB SSD                                              1

  • Case 4U                                                                      1

  • Cooling Fans 120 mm                                              6

  • System WIN10 64bit/Linux/Hive/etc.                   Optional

  • Power Supply                                                             Optional

  • Ethernet  Port                                                             1

  • USB 2.0 Ports                                                            6

  • USB 3.0 Ports                                                            2

  • HDMI                                                                           1

  • PCI-E Slots                                                                  9

  • Space between slots                                                 34 mm

  • Space between cards                                               41 mm

  • Max GPU Card Length                                              200 mm

  • Noise Level                                                                 up to 75 db

  • Chassis Size (W*D*H)                                              561 * 433 * 177 mm   

  • Carton Size (W*D*H)                                                590 * 460 * 210 mm

  • Net / Gross Weight (Kg)                                           12 / 15

  • Gross Volume (Cu. M)                                               0.057

  • Warranty                                                                     6 months


*   Price quoted is a representation before any volume discount. The final price will depend on timing, volume of order, conditions of sales and other factors. Please, contact us with details for a current quote.

** Chassis can only be exchanged within 30 days after the sale date, no returns, no refunds. Customer is responsible for shipping cost to return defective product to China. Please, see the full Terms & Warranty conditions at

Alpha Miner GPC-409 Motherboard Drawing

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